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I'm glad you asked that question ...
How much will my airfare cost?
  Since there are more than 10,000 rate changes per day, airfare cannot be quoted until you are registered and we have the specific dates and times you plan to travel. You will be guaranteed absolutely the lowest, non-promotional airfare available.
I would like a few airfare quotes before I send in my reservation form. May I speak with an agent immediately?
  Since these promotional packages are not available to the general public, our agents cannot quote airfare until a completed reservation form is received and registered. The first step is to either mail your completed Master Registration card or go online to to register. A $10.00 USD processing fee for each reservation form should be included when registering a vacation. We will acknowledge receipt of your reservation form within 14 days of receipt. An agent will contact you 60 or more days prior to your first selected date and be happy to provide you with current airfare quotes.
May I use my own travel agent and/or “frequent flyer” miles?
  With the accommodation offers, you have two options. With Option 1, you must book and purchase air travel through Holiday Travel. With Option 2, you may book transportation through another source. With the cruise offers, you may book transportation to the port city through another source, but the cruise must be booked through Holiday Travel.
Will a Holiday Travel reservation agent assist me with other travel needs?
  Absolutely! Our qualified agents are standing by to answer any questions, pass along helpful travel hints, arrange for extra nights, tours, rental cars, etc.
May I upgrade my hotel room?
  Yes! Since our contracts offer 2 to 4 star hotels and resorts, most travelers are thrilled with the quality of accommodations available. However, for those who prefer an upgrade, simply make your request known to your agent, and your reservation form value will be credited toward the upgrade charges.
When I book my airfare through Holiday Travel, will I be able to depart from the closest airport?
  In most cases, Holiday Travel has arranged for departures and arrivals from most major airports throughout the Continental U.S.
If I register my reservation form, am I obligated to travel?
  No. Registration does not obligate you in any way. A completed reservation form will entitle you to receive travel information and price quotes which our agents do not make available to the general public.
How far in advance should I make my reservations?
  Since all travel, accommodations and cruises, are booked on space availability, it only makes sense to make your reservations as far in advance as possible. Holiday Travel requires a minimum of 60 days advance notice, but desires that all requests be submitted no more than 1 year in advance. The earlier you book, the better your chances are for securing your desired travel dates.
What are my chances of reserving the dates I’ve selected?
  Very good! Almost all travel requests are fulfilled based upon the requested dates. We recommend that you “book early” (but no more than 1 year in advance) and submit your preferred dates at least 60 days in advance of the requested departure date.
What if I don’t plan on traveling until next year?
Should I still send in my Master Registration card now?
  Yes! Your Master Registration card registers you as the Owner of these offers. Travel arrangements may be made at any time once you have registered and paid for your selected reservation form(s). Most Owners prefer to register one or more reservation forms with the Master Registration card. Or, if you prefer, you may register all the reservations forms for only $8.00 USD per voucher. This represents a 20% SAVINGS! Remember, registration does not obligate you to travel. It simply provides you with the information you have requested.
What if I don’t know who my companion will be? Can I still register my reservation form?
  Absolutely! You may provide the name of your companion to your agent at the time you make reservations.
What happens if I forget to send in the $10.00 USD processing fee with my reservation form?
  Unfortunately, Holiday Travel cannot process your reservation form without the $10.00 USD processing fee. So please be sure to enclose it with your reservation form. In the event you do not enclose the processing fee with your request, Holiday Travel will mail you a letter requesting these funds in order to begin processing your request.  Also note: Please fill in the reservation form legibly, so as not to delay your travel plans.
I noticed all reservation forms are based on double occupancy. What if I want to use one as a single traveler?
  You may enjoy your vacation as a single traveler; however, there will be an additional charge for a single supplement. That charge will vary depending on the hotel or cruise line. Your agent will provide you with that information.
I’m planning to visit Hawaii, then on to Australia and New Zealand. May I combine these offers for travel to these 3 destinations?
  Not typically. You may use any registered reservation form provided you depart and arrive from the Continental U.S. This negates using most offers “back to back”. However, the exception would be combining an accommodation offer with a cruise offer from a nearby port of call. Our skilled and professional agents will be happy to work with you and create an amazing opportunity at the best price possible so you may visit more than one destination, however it will not be part of Holiday Adventures.
May I sell or give away the Holiday Travel reservation forms I will not be using?
  No, you may not sell any Holiday Travel reservation forms. However, since all reservation forms are fully transferable, you may give them away to friends, family or business associates. They make wonderful presents. Whenever someone other than you registers a reservation form, please be sure he/she indicates the Master Registration number and your name as it appears on the Master Registration card. It would also be helpful to include a copy of “I’m Glad You Asked That Question…” as well as the Terms and Conditions when giving the reservation form as a gift.